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Presto Information Services - Website Design

Websites on the Internet are getting much more complex and sophisticated.

They used to be simply online brochures with static pages that didn't change often, presenting basic information about a business or service.

Now, they are a mix of dynamic (changing content) and static (fixed content), using tools such as DHTML, Flash, jQuery, Javascript, Java, MySQL and PHP.

Some basic dynamic content is demonstrated by clicking here.

Website design costs and time will depend on what is required. You need to determine what your needs and expectations are then factor in how much you are willing to spend with both time and costs. The benefits can be immediate, with remote ordering, direct payments, online updating of information, extranet and intranet services accessible over the internet.

Security needs to be carefully considered and designed into any website so that webpages are not hijacked.

We can provide both consulting and design services for your website project, as well as ongoing website and email hosting services.
Presto Information Services have been in the business of supplying Internet Services to Small Business and Individuals all over Sydney.
  • ADSL
  • Website Hosting and
  • Email Management Services

March 2011
Our Phone Number for Support has changed.

Our new number is
(02) 8850 6477.

Dial up services are no longer available (Feb 2011)