Unit 10 / No.5 Salisbury Road
Castle Hill NSW 2154
Phone: (02) 8850 6477
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Presto Information Services - ADSL Business Access

We can provide ADSL services to business users with fixed IP addresses assigned for VOIP, VPN and remote access requirements.

These are business grade Digital lines depending on your physical location from the nearest exchange.

If you are not sure of what is involved or what it can cost, please feel free to talk to us.
Presto Information Services have been in the business of supplying Internet Services to Small Business and Individuals all over Sydney.
  • ADSL
  • Website Hosting and
  • Email Management Services

March 2011
Our Phone Number for Support has changed.

Our new number is
(02) 8850 6477.

Dial up services are no longer available (Feb 2011)