Unit 10 / No.5 Salisbury Road
Castle Hill NSW 2154
Phone: (02) 8850 6477
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Presto Information Services - Email Services

Email hosting for businesses or families where all accounts are linked to one master account.

Email accounts linked to individuals with generic titles ....

Titles such as
  • info@domainname.com.au
  • accounts@domainname.com.au
  • documents@domainname.com.au
  • service@domainname.com.au
  • enquiries@domainname.com.au
  • support@domainname.com.au

can all be setup to point to
  • fred.mcwilliams@domainname.com.au
  • betty@domainname.com.au
  • phil@domainname.com.au

And while fred is away, his emails can be instantly diverted to betty.

All these email accounts can be accessed on the Internet using Webmail services.
Presto Information Services have been in the business of supplying Internet Services to Small Business and Individuals all over Sydney.
  • ADSL
  • Website Hosting and
  • Email Management Services

March 2011
Our Phone Number for Support has changed.

Our new number is
(02) 8850 6477.

Dial up services are no longer available (Feb 2011)